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In the era of global culture, companies are reaching out to new, foreign markets. Successful stores, after winning their domestic market want to offer their services outside of their motherland. At this point, many forget about the proper optimization of their websites and it’s here where an international SEO ensures their success in new markets by making it easier for search engines to detect what country the target audience is, along with the native business language!


Each country has its own specifics and its own SEO. Bongo IT Institute optimizes foreign websites taking into account the specificities of a given local market. We know that understanding all the cultural differences and characteristics of a given nation, in the SEO process for websites targeting international markets, not only shapes the reception of your website but also influences consumer choices. Therefore, you don’t have to look for SEO agencies abroad in order for your website to be more visible in the search engine.


International SEO involves optimizing your website to reach a global audience and target specific countries or regions, rather than just a local or national audience. There are several key differences in international SEO compared to traditional SEO, including:

Language and localization: When targeting a global audience, it is important to consider the language and cultural nuances of each region. This may involve creating localized content that is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each audience. Keyword research should also be conducted in each language to identify the most relevant and effective search terms for each market.

Geotargeting: Geotargeting allows website owners to specify which version of their content should be displayed to users in different countries or regions. This can be done through various methods such as setting up geotargeting in Google Search Console or using a content delivery network (CDN) that serves different versions of the website based on the user’s location.

International domains: Using country-specific domains or subdomains can help to establish a stronger local presence and improve search visibility in each region. However, this approach requires more resources and maintenance than a single, global domain. It is also important to ensure that the domains are registered correctly and comply with local regulations.

Technical considerations: International SEO involves several technical considerations, such as optimizing metadata (title tags, meta descriptions, etc.) for each language and region, implementing hreflang tags to indicate language and regional targeting, and ensuring that website structure and navigation are optimized for international audiences.

Link building: Building links from relevant, high-quality websites in the target country or region can help to improve search rankings and visibility. This may involve creating localized content that is more likely to be shared and linked to by local websites.

Legal and regulatory considerations: International SEO requires compliance with local laws and regulations related to online content, data privacy, and other issues. This may involve creating separate privacy policies and terms of service for each region, as well as ensuring that the website meets any legal requirements for doing business in each market.

The same strategy & different effects: International SEO requires a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each target market. The same SEO strategy may not work in every country or region due to differences in search trends, algorithms, and competitor activity. It is important to conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify the most effective SEO tactics for each market. Adapting existing strategies or developing new ones based on the local landscape and audience preferences is essential for international SEO success.

In summary, international SEO success requires a flexible approach that is adaptable to the specificities of each market and the preferences of the target audience. Thorough market research and analysis are essential for identifying the most effective tactics and optimizing your website for international audiences.


We’re all around the world – we can take your business there!

We have expanded our SEO strategies to numerous countries and industries, providing excellent online communication and results to our clients in over 20 countries. We firmly believe that location does not limit SEO success, and our clients can attest to the effectiveness of our international SEO approach. What truly matters in international SEO is our experience and expertise, which enables us to develop tailored strategies that meet the unique needs of each market and achieve the desired results for our clients.

A few words from our SEO Specialist

International SEO to be an insurmountable task, but with a thorough understanding of its nuances, working with foreign clients can be a fulfilling experience that yields impressive results.

It’s important to recognize that each market has its own unique set of rules, and techniques that work in one country may not be effective in another. To achieve success in international SEO, we must familiarize ourselves with the target market and its customers, including their online search habits and preferences for keyword usage and query composition.

Additionally, link-building processes may vary across countries. Listening, communicating, and collaborating with clients is crucial in developing a consistent SEO and business strategy that leads to positive outcomes.

 Israt Jahan
SEO Specialist, Bongo IT Institute


Regardless of the market, we always focus on creating an International SEO strategy well-suited for every client so that,
while adjusting to the specific needs of the target group and your business profile, it brings the best results.

The Elements of International SEO with Bongo IT Institute

Keywords choice

The first step is traffic analysis. Based on this, your strategy is created. Then, we choose relevancy and the most converting keywords for a given market considering cultural differences.

SEO Audit

Extensive website audit that includes parameters important for the international SEO process that can  influence your site’s SERP position in a given country.

Technical SEO

Implementing all technical changes to help Google crawlers better understand your website’s content & correctly detect your target audience.

Keywords choice

High-quality content including relevant keywords is created by native speakers or translated by experienced translators. This is the next step to increase your online visibility in a new market.


Content SEO

Properly optimized content on your website will significantly influence your website’s position in Google abroad.






Quality Link building

In the link building process, the key is to create valuable links that have various, high-quality sources. We create linking profiles adjusted to the specific market by using proven link sources in local domains.

Analytics & reporting

Web traffic analysis, measuring the SEO impact on your sales, and the summary of all activities are just a part of our reports. Each month, you’re provided with an extensive set of data as proof or results.



Communication with our clients is extremely important for us – we’re there for you to get you through the audit, monthly report, or catch up with current issues. All this, done in English to always keep you well-informed.



Every market is different, so the SEO strategy built for your website in one country probably won’t work (or will be less effective) for another location. It’s because every country has its own specifics, both demographic, legal, and behavioral, which need to be considered when creating an SEO strategy. All SEO actions must correspond with the specificities of a target group they aim for – that’s why we highly recommend recreating your SEO plan and adjust it to every new market your want to enter.

The first results of a well-conducted implementation of an SEO strategy can be noticed in the increase of your website’s online visibility – usually, it takes 2-3 months to see a real increase. After that time, you will also start seeing an increase in traffic to your site, and eventually, it’ll contribute to better sales. Note that it all depends on your website’s condition and the amount of work it requires.

We deeply care about the transparency of our processes. We don’t have anything to hide, and we are proud of our cooperation – jump to Case Studies to see a real results of our previous SEO strategies.


At this point, it’s worth mentioning that in Delante, we’re operating on hard data, not guesses. Each month we give our clients visible proof of our strategies working – they are provided with clear, data-based reports on the current website performance compared to previous months. We deeply care about the transparency of our processes. That’s why you can check how our International SEO strategies worked for clients on the Case Study page on our website.

Of course – if the company is already experienced in International SEO! In the case of international SEO, the key to success is understanding the client’s business, market specificities, and target group – based on that, you can create a successful SEO strategy for a foreign country. Therefore, the SEO company doesn’t need to be native to the market you want to enter. 


What is more, to make the cooperation even more convenient for you, in Delante, all communication is carried out in English. From the very beginning, we assign one SEO specialist to coordinate the project, so our client can be in constant touch with a person directly responsible for working on the website.


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Badiuzzaman Sumon Founder & CEO at Bongo IT Institute