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Project Name: Organic Sales Increase For cimalp in UK
Project Urls:

Project Durations: 2 years+
This is the Case Study of This Ecommerce Websites.
Performance in 2022:

Total Clicks: 12.2k
Total Impressions: 2.1M
Total CTR: 0.6%

Proven Screenshot:

This is GSC data of

I am still working in this Project, Let’s see weekly Improvement data:

Total Clicks: 364
Total Impressions: 62.9K
Total CTR: 0.6%

Orgaic Traffic From SEMrush:

Organic Traffic Performance:

Organic Keywords:

Organic Keywords:

Action Plan for Ecommerce Website:

  • Product Research
  • Product Keyword Research
  • Low Competitive and High Demanding Keyword Choose
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor Keyword Spy
  • Content Analysis
  • Product Gap Analysis
  • Product Content with SEO Friendly approach
  • Product On Page SEO
  • Product Crawls and Index
  • Product Catagory Page SEO
  • Product Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Page Speed Optimisations
  • Product Schema
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Foundation Backlinks
  • Guest Post From Niche Relevant Websites
  • Manual Contextual Backlinks
  • Social Share
  • Social Engagements

Report Format:

  • Excels Details Report, Weekly, Monthly

Project Taken By
Badiuzzaman Sumon
CEO & Founder “Bongo IT Institute”